Sunday, June 28, 2009


Here is a quote from Oz Guiness as he talks about the novel “The Castle” by Franz Kafka.

“The world of The Castle is the domain of bureaucratic power and authority. Telephone exchanges produce more muddles than connections. Bureaucracy drowns human beings in a deluge of files and forms. A stifling hierarchy makes it impossible to get through to a person above anyone. Countless petty officials work endless overtime and go nowhere. Innumerable interviews take place, but none of them come to any purpose. Human beings are reduced to files. Kafka once said of such a world, “The conveyor belt of life carries you on, no one knows where. One is more of an object, a thing, than a living creature.”

I’ve been feeling this way at my City job recently I suppose and just at life in general. I have been hanging out more at the Blue Jackalope grocery store. It is a neighborhood grocer in Crosby Heights where people actually seem real.

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